Who we are ?

Joubert Lacour

The Lacour company is one of the French leaders in cutting and stamping. The company was founded in 1928 and specialized in rivet washer cutting (small brass washers that are inserted under the rivet heads in knife handles).

Located in the knife manufacturing business area of Thiers, the Lacour company is set in an exceptional industrial environment, which includes surface treatment, heat treatment, machining, plastics processing, packaging, and an economic network coming from the cutlery trade heritage.

Following the sudden evolution of the market rates in cutting and stamping, the manager decided to sell the business. Two entrepreneurs from the industry (cutting, stamping) took over the helm of the Lacour company in 1996, which gave a new impetus and resulted in a double-digit growth. The Lacour company became one of the specialists in high value-added technical parts designed for various industry sectors such as the automotive industry, sports equipment, armament and industrial product industries. Lacour developed their techniques in aluminum forming (reinforcement part for AUDI front-end) and in metal roll bonding (lithium battery connections). With its engineering and design department, Lacour designs and creates the tools required by the customers, whatever the tooling type (A suivre, Suisse tools, etc.).

Lacour participates, with its customers, in the co-design of products, in order to optimize the production costs in full compliance with the specifications. Lacour performs all the execution phases of the tools in-house. The tools are stored in a secured atmosphere-controlled area. Lacour works in partnership with its customers and offers a lifetime warranty. Thanks to its expertise, the Lacour company has convinced major purchasers and has developed its position in international markets, while facing low-cost competition. Lacour takes pride in the re-sourcing of parts from Asia back to the French territory.

With a metal processing knowledge covering all types of metals, Lacour could gain highly specialized niche markets and became the number one cutting and stamping supplier for the world-class leader of mountaineering and caving equipment, and equipped most of the adventure parks. Lacour also participated in the development of the lithium-ion battery sector by working on roll-bonded metal combinations.

Present in the construction industry, the Lacour company develops and markets an innovative range of structures for technical floors, for which patents, trademarks and design models are registered. These products are designed for office buildings and a specific range, suited to the tough market requirements, has been developed for access floors with heavy loads such as data processing centers. With customers from about ten countries, Lacour exports its know-how in cutting, stamping and tooling.